Barytes Bricks For Radiation Shielding Suppliers

Barytes Bricks For Radiation Shielding

We market a range of barytes bricks and aggregates.   The bricks are marketed under the Bariwall® trade name.  Barytes aggregate is graded and packed in either 1 tonne big bags or 25 kilo bags.

Bariwall® shielding bricks are produced from high density, naturally occurring barium sulphate and are designed for radiation shielding used in hospitals, research laboratories and factories.

The aggregate is marketed as barytes aggregate or barytes jointing sand depending on the grade of the material.  Normally, the aggregate is 5 mm down and the sand is 2mm down – although material can be produced to customer’s specifications.  Barytes jointing sand can be used to produce barytes render and mortar joints, used in conjunction with the bricks.  Barytes aggregates can be used to produce barytes screeds.