Elastomer Suppliers


We offer a full range of two component, room temperature cured silicone and polyurethane elastomers.

RTV Silicone Range

Our silicone rubber range exhibits the following advantages:

  • Easy processing with relatively inexpensive equipment
  • Low linear shrinkage
  • Good heat stability
  • High elongation and tear strength
  • Long shelf life
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low specific gravity giving higher volume of rubber per unit weight
  • Excellent reproduction of detail


  • Case moulds for the ceramic and allied industries
  • Printing pads
  • Decorative mouldings such as ceiling roses, cornices, figurines & candles
  • Metal casting, costume jewellery, decorative articles
  • Art, sculptures, masks, statues, special effects


Most synthetic and natural materials can be cast in our silicone rubber moulds:

  • Plaster
  • Polyester resins, polyurethane, epoxy resins
  • Concrete
  • Low melting point alloys
  • Silicone rubber

Polyurethane Rubber

Our polyurethane rubber systems are particularly suited for the sanitary ware industry.  Large moulds can be made giving a flexible face, whilst the bonding properties of the rubber enable adhesion to a more economical resin and filler backing which provides dimensional support.


Advantages include:

  • Low linear shrinkage
  • Long shelf life
  • Good reproduction of detail
  • Can be cut, sanded and repaired
  • Good chemical bonding with other material

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