Filler-Grade Barytes Suppliers

We offer milled 325 mesh and 200 mesh white barytes in 92 and 86 whiteness grades, above 80L* whiteness grades.  We also have a range of micronised white barytes products from 2 micron, 5 micron, to 20 microns – for use as fillers in surface coatings and plastics.

Many applications for fillers require a simple, high density filler.  For example, sound deadening is primarily dependent upon the density of the composite.  Barytes is an ideal filler for this application and has the highest specific gravity of any non-metallic mineral.

For general purpose sound deadening in rubber, polyurethane or polypropylene compounds, colour is not a critical factor.  In this case the barytes of first choice would be barytes B2000 or B5000.  The difference between the two being that barytes B2000 is finer in particle size than the B5000.

Filler-Grade Barytes Product Selection Chart