Grinding Media Suppliers

Many minerals used in the manufacturing process need to be finely ground before they can be utilised for the preparation of a final product.  Richard Baker Harrison Limited offer a wide range of grinding media for cost-effective reduction of material particle size.

90% High Density Alumina

A high alumina 90%+Al2 O3 (Alugrind) is isostatically pressed and sintered at high temperature to give a finished product.  Alugrind 90 has a density in excess of 3.57gm/cm³ and is completely gas-tight.  Isostatic pressing ensures that the density and hardness of the product is the same from the outside surface to the centre and this ensures extremely low and uniform wear rates.  High density alumina media is used to grind material where contamination must be kept to an absolute minimum.  Because of the very high efficiency of Alugrind 90+ it is being increasingly used in the production of numerous materials from ceramic raw materials to colours, glazes and technical ceramics.

90% Alumina Mini Media

A range of 90%+Al2 O3 is also available for special applications.

65% Alumina Media

A 65% Al2 O3 isostatically pressed and sintered grade is also available for less demanding requirements.  This has a density in excess of 2.9g/cm³ and again is completely gas-tight.  It is suitable for use in areas previously covered by steatite or porcelain media.

Glass Beads

3 types of glass beads are available:
GJ-I – General type for normal grinding situations.
GJ-II – Strengthening type which exhibits good hardness and wear resistance.
GJ-III – Wear resisting type with a higher density.  They have superior wear resistance even in high intensity grinding.

Silica Pebbles

Silica Pebbles are the traditional grinding media for all general purpose grinding of bulk materials, such as silica and feldspar.  Our supplies are selected from the natural pebble deposits in Southern England and Northern France.

YTZ Zirconia Grinding Media

YTZ ceramic media features high density and super hardness which enables the user to achieve superior grinding efficiency.  The high wear resistance of this effectively eliminates product contamination, and other problems associated with the use of lower quality grinding media, which may be prone to chemical attack or a short mill life.

Zirconium Silicate Beads

We market zirconium silicate beads which are made by a fusion process which gives a fine crystalline structure.  This material can be used in the grinding of coatings, inks, dyes, pesticides, cosmetics, titanium dioxide, magnetic materials and numerous other minerals.

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