Richard Baker Harrison provides a number of products that can be used within the general adhesives and sealants markets. As you can imagine there is significant cross over between adhesive and sealants, whereby many products not just fit the adhesive sector, but also transfer smoothly into the sealant market place.

Within the general adhesives market place, we supply a range of clays SH Alpha, Calcium Carbonate Polcarb; Polwhite to name but a few, which can be and are used across the whole adhesive sector. Talcs Sapphire 350, Star 200 & Star 350 find use within the automotive sealant and adhesive application arena. Sillitin N85 from Hoffman Minerals is also used within the epoxy and polyester adhesive sector, with Min-U-Gel from Active Minerals being used within the tile adhesive sector, alongside a range of clays SH Alpha, Calcium Carbonate Polcarb 32.

With the sealant sector, Barytes specifically our Microsupreme products is used as opacity within the more general paints and sealants sector. A range of clays Polwhite are used within sealants including flame retardants applications. Richard Baker Harrison also offers a full range of Zinc Borate, Ammonium Polyphosphate, Dicyanamide; and Mono Pentaeryrithol specifically for use within the intumescent seals, flame retardant sector. Magsil® Talcs have again found good use within this sector also. For sealants used with jointing compounds we can offer Slate Powder, and all of Hoffman’s Minerals, specifically Sillitin N85 having been used within this sector. For use within the Butyl rubber sealant sector we are the UK distributor for D.O.G. Chemicals, whereby Factice Hamburg 4 & Factice WP has provided good product performance, alongside our Magsil® Talcs. Alongside these products Hoffman’s Minerals products also provide vital performance characteristics within the rubber sealants sector. And finally but of no less importance Richard baker Harrison can offer a full range of pigments, that are used within the non-curing putty sealant industry.

Adhesives & Sealants Products