Richard Baker Harrison provides a number of products that can be used within the general construction industry. Pumice aggregate is used with the construction and horticulture, as well as within the construction insulation industry. Gilsonite® is used within the road repair industry. Titanium Dioxide is also used within the pigments construction industry; with Magsil® Talc being used within the sealants construction industry.

Within the flooring industry, products such as Magsil® Talc; SH Alpha and Min-U-Gel are used within the self-levelling flooring industry. Within the non-slip flooring sector, Richard Baker Harrison can supply a range of abrasives to aid non-slip. Magsil® Talc is also superbly used within the floor screed flooring sector. Within the rubber flooring sector, natural iron oxide is again supplied, alongside other pigments from GC Colours as required.

When it comes to roofing, Richard Baker Harrison has a number of products that provide excellent properties. Gilsonite® is generally used with the asphalt roofing sector, along with a range of aluminium products from Carlfors Bruk. With Magsil® Talc being suitable to being used within PU weatherproof and acrylic roofing situations, Richard Baker Harrison has a range of products and knowledge to help.

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