Water treatment spans potable, sewage and industrial water purification. Within this sector Richard Baker Harrison offers a range of high quality products across filtration, odour control and pH correction applications.

In filtration, Pumice grains are used within duel and multimedia filters in waste water, potable water and seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) treatment plants. Across these sectors pumice ensures the removal of particulates in gravity and pressure filtration systems. Extensive test results are available to support its implementation. During the production of industrial Wine, Beer and Sugar, Perlite is further offered as an excellent filtration aid, promoting improved flow rates and clarity.

In odour control applications, Pumice acts as medium for bacteria to thrive in Bioscrubbers and Biofilters. Polluted air passes through the pumice biofilm, where microbes enable the transfer of contaminants into the liquid medium through oxidation. Its low density, high surface area, neutral pH and high strength make pumice an ideal material within these systems. Pumice can also act as a longer term solution to fast degrading organic alternatives such as peat, heather and wood chippings.

Talc can be used within activated sludge systems talc as a flocculent aid to improve floc formation and sedimentation rates, during times of high organic load. Meanwhile Calcined Magnesite is a cost effective source of chemical grade magnesium oxide used as an alkali for acid neutralization, both in process and in subsequent effluent treatment.

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