Plaster Of Paris Suppliers

We are a major supplier of fine grade Plaster of Paris to the ceramic industry and able to offer grades to suit most manufacturing processes. 

Our range of plaster for modelling and case-mould production is based upon Alpha hemi-hydrate giving a combination of correct expansion and hardness, which is ideally suited for this purpose.

Alpha/Beta Plaster

The careful blending of alpha and beta plasters enable us to offer a wide range combining good absorption and permeability together with high strength and a superior mould life, suitable for jollying, jiggering and casting.  We also supply special grades for use in self-levelling floors, for roofing, and acoustic tiles.  Mould release agents are also available.

Beta Plaster

We can offer Beta plasters with a very high purity which have been produced especially for moulds used for casting.  These are widely used in the sanitary ware and bone china industries.

Setting Times

Typical setting times for standard grade plaster are:

Initial set: 6-10 min
Final set: 18-30 min

The plaster/water ratios given are indicated levels for typical use.  Higher or lower levels can be used depending upon your needs and application.

The use of a vicat ring is recommended to help determine the correct time to pour the plaster e.g. 21-22cms for typical plasters.

The product range includes:

Prestia 23 No 1, Prestia Casting, Prestia Ceram No 1H, Prestia Form, Prestia Millecast, Prestia SH Alpha

Product Datasheets:

Safety Advisory: