Processed Mineral Fibre (PMF) Suppliers for UK and Europe


We are the UK and European distributor for PMF® manufactured by Fibrox Technology LP.

Fibrox Technology LP recently acquired the product line from Isolatek International on 1st April 2015.  All Fibrox Speciality Products will be produced on-site at the Isolatek Huntington, Indiana facility.

PMF® is a man-made vitreous fiber formed by the spinning of a composition of furnace slags and other minerals from a coke-fired cupola.  Its composition approximates to calcium magnesium aluminium silicate.  PMF® is modified by a patented classification process to substantially reduce the content of non-fibrous material, known as shot.

Applications of PMF®

Friction products – brake linings and clutch materials
Gaskets – an excellent choice for high temperature applications
Plastics and rubber compounds – reinforcement and high temperature resistance
Sealants – excellent reinforcing properties
Paints and coatings – heavy duty, high build paints and protective coatings

PMF® Selection Chart

Further information can be found on the Isolatek website