American Gilsonite Company (AGC)

We are the UK and Irish agent and distributor for a range of  high quality products produced by the American Gilsonite Company (AGC).  The American Gilsonite Company is based in Bonanza, Utah, in America, and has been mining Gilsonite since 1888.  Gilsonite is the registered trademark of the American Gilsonite Company.  It is a non-hazardous, naturally occurring, hydrocarbon resin that is similar in appearance to coal or hard asphalt.  It may also be referred to as an asphaltum, uintaite or uintahite.

We market these products to three important application sectors – printing inks, paints, and in the foundry sector.  In each sector particular grades may be used, however some overlap of grades may occur.  The different grades are screened for impurities, then dried to a controlled moisture content, and classified according to particle size.  The material may be shipped directly from the mine to the customer, or alternatively from our warehouses.  Material can be supplied in 25 kg bags and 1000 kg big bags.

Chemical Products Sector

This sector includes the binder and coating, metallurgical, wood products, and refractory industries.  It is also sold as a bitumen modifier, and is used as part of the drilling mud formulation in oil well industries.  These application areas are very diverse and a number of special grades are available.

Foundry Sector

Gilsonite is combined with coal and other ingredients as an additive in foundry sand to improve quality thus improving the mould release characteristics and the subsequent final quality of the casting.  The grades most commonly used are gilsonite foundry grade and gilsonite GPA grade.

Ink and Paints Sector

Special grades of Gilsonite Selects are used in this application area and are available in both lump and pulverised forms.  The grades most commonly used are Selects 347 and Selects 350.

If you require any further information regarding the above please contact us.  Information is also available on the American Gilsonite website at

Safety Advisory

Gilsonite SDS
Treated Gilsonite

Product Information

Gilsonite Foundry Grade
Gilsonite GP Grade
Gilsonite HMA Binder Grade
Gilsonite HMA Modifier
Gilsonite Selects 325
Gilsonite Selects 347

Technical Information

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Gilsonite Foundry Sand Additive
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