We are agents for Deutsche Oelfabrik Gesellschaft (DOG) who produce a range of additives for the paint and rubber industry.


Rubber Additives

DOG products are used widely in the rubber industry and encompass the following product groups

  • Vulcanised Vegetable Oils (Factice)
  • Processing Additives (Process Aids)
  • Vulcanization Chemicals
  • Antiozonant Waxes
  • Activators for Filler (Silane Preparations and Silanes)

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Paint Additives

These are the Deolink range of silanes and the Deogrip range of factice.  Silanes are used to improve the adhesion, abrasion and scratch-resistance of paint systems.  Deogrip products are based on a product called factice which is of a rubbery nature and used in soft-touch paints and finishes.

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