We are the UK and Eire distributor for Neuburg Siliceous Earth (NSE); a unique performance filler produced by Hoffmann Mineral GmbH

Neuburg Siliceous Earth is marketed under the trade names Sillitin and Sillikolloid; a natural agglomerate of corpuscular silica and lamellar kaolinite produced from mineral deposits formed 95 million years ago.

When it is used as a filler its unique particle structure offers a range of application advantages:

  • Rapid incorporation
  • No filler agglomeration
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Excellent scratch resistance in plastics, paints and varnishes
  • Low abrasivity

Typical applications for neuburg siliceous earth

Elastomers – profile extrusion, roller coverings, cable insulation and sheathing

Surface Coatings – electrophoretic paints

Polishes – car polishes, metal polishes

Sillitin Product Selection Chart

Classic NSE, is available in a range of PSD and colours and represents the base material of all additional products.

Sillitin N82
Sillitin N85
Sillitin N87
Sillitin V851
Sillitin V88
Sillitin Z86
Sillitin Z89

Sillikolloid P87
Sillikolloid P87puriss

Sillitin Puriss Grades

The Puriss grades of neuburg siliceous earth are produced by a downstream process which further reduces the already low sieve residue.  They are the first choice when optimum dispersion properties are needed.

Sillitin Puriss Selection chart

Sillitin N85
Sillitin Z86
Sillitin Z89

Aktisil Grades

Aktisil is the trade name for surface treated grades of neuburg siliceous earth, used for applications where optimum physical properties are required. With the exception of Aktisil MAM (based on Sillitin V88) and Aktisil MAM-R (based on Sillitin V85), all grades of Aktisil are based on Sillitin Z86.

Aktisil Selection Chart

Aktisil EM
Aktisil MAM
Aktisil MAM R
Aktisil MM
Aktisil PF 216
Aktisil PF 777
Aktisil Q
Aktisil VE
Aktisil VM 56
Aktisil VM56 89
Aktisil WW


This product is based on Sillitin Z86 and is produced by calcining the product at over 1000degrees. This offers some additional benefits over standard Sillitin, including the best colour neutrality, superior dispersion behaviour and very low moisture content.

Silfit Z91


Taking the Silfit Z91 concept to its natural conclusion. These products take the advantages of Silfit Z91 and add further functionality by undergoing silanisation process.

Aktifit AM

Aktifit Q (112 downloads)

Aktifit PF111 (129 downloads)
Aktifit VM

Further information and guide formulations can be found on the Hoffmann Mineral GmbH website www.hoffmann-mineral.com