China Clay (also known as Kaolin)

We distribute a range of china clays (kaolins) produced by Imerys® in the United Kingdom, and act as an export agent for smaller sized lots worldwide.  China clay is a naturally occurring hydrated aluminium silicate mineral formed by the hydrothermal degradation of granite.  Imerys® is the world’s largest producer of high quality clays, and has processing plants throughout the world.  We are able to offer a number of speciality clays for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries which conform to necessary British Pharmocopoeia (BP) requirements.

The product range is used extensively in the paint, plastics, rubber and printing ink industries.  Special grades of kaolins are available for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.  We are also able to offer specialist re-packing facilities and can tailor delivery specifications to meet your needs.

The range includes hydrous (highly dispersible clays), calcined, ball, flash calcined, and speciality clays.

Hydrous Clay

Imerys® is the largest producer of high quality hydrous clay products, produced from plants located in the UK, USA, Brazil and Australia.

The product range includes:

Devolite TDS
Kaolin for Pharmaceutical Applications
Polwhite B TDS
Polwhite E TDS
Speswhite TDS
Standard Porcelain TDS
Stockalite TDS
Supreme TDS

Safety Advisory

Devolite_ SDS
Kaolin for Pharmaceutical Applications
Polwhite_ B SDS
Polwhite_ E SDS
Speswhite_ SDS
Standard Porcelain Powder SDS
Stockalite_ SDS
Supreme_ SDS

Clays are also available in a highly dispersible form which display a higher opacity whiteness and gloss, more so than normal hydrous clays.

This Product Range Includes

Polsperse 10 TDS
Polsperse 20 TDS
Polsperse 50 TDS

Safety Advisory

Polsperse_ 10 SDS
Polsperse_ 20 SDS
Polsperse_ 50 SDS