SintaBar®, Supreme & AmBar

Available in both finely precipitated – SintaBar® – and naturally ground forms (generically barytes) – Supreme & AmBar – Barium Sulphates are extremely versatile products, utilised to great effect across a wide range of industrial applications. Key to the widespread use is the unique balance of high density with the low hardness, virtual chemical inertness, X-ray absorbance and distinct colour.


Barytes in Plastics – Barium Sulphates can be incorporated into polymers at very high loading rates, due to a low resin demand and a good processing rheology. In terms of physical property improvements, they promote excellent impact strength, sound and vibration deadening properties – and are widely used for aesthetic purposes, by adding a sense of value to the feel consumer goods, whilst delivering outstanding colour. The extremely fine grades, under development, are to be used in transparent films

Barytes in Surface Coatings – Applied as a white pigment extender and functional filler across the coatings sector, key performance benefits include improved durability, strength, rheology and overall compatibility with other pigments. Our popular Barytes MicroSupreme 20 grade is widely used for textured coatings, whilst our SintaBar® precipitated products offer excellent solutions for powder coatings and more critical formulations including transparent finishes.

By aligning the optimal grade with your specific requirements, our technically trained staff can help optimise the processing and performance of your final product.

Barium Sulphate Product Portfolio