Rubber Chemicals from DOG, Deutsche Oelfabrik Gesellschaft

We are the UK and Eire distributor for a wide range of rubber chemicals produced by Deutsche Oelfabrik Gesellschaft of Hamburg, Germany.

DOG products are used widely within the rubber industry, and the product range encompasses the following product groups:

Processing Additives

The DOG range includes peptizing agents, homogenizing and tackifying resins, zinc soaps and zinc-free dispersing agents.  By appropriate product selection the beneficial effects can be achieved in a wide range of polymers.

Vulcanized Vegetable Oils

The extensive DOG range includes brown, yellow and white sulphur factices, sulphur chloride factices, peroxide factices, and special factices for polar elastomers.

Factice can offer many advantages in rubber compounding including improved plasticizer absorption and retention, improved dimensional stability, lower mixing temperatures, and reduced shrinkage.

Vulcanisation Chemicals

The DOG product range includes accelerator blends – both conventional and nitrosamine-free, and single accelerator preparations in easy to handle form.  Additionally, the vulcanisation stabilizer Deostab compensates for the negative effect of calcium oxide on the state of cure in EPDM compounds containing calcium oxide, and improves compression set without affecting the activity of the desiccant.

Antiozonant Waxes

Controzon waxes form a flexible film on the surface of vulcanizates to protect them from crack formation due to ozone attack under static conditions.

Activators For Fillers (Silanes)

Deolink silane preparations have a silane content of 50% on a polymer/wax carrier offering excellent protection against moisture, and ease of handling and weighing.

A wide range of liquid silanes are also available, please contact us for further details.

Further information about DOG products can be found on their website at