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New SintaBar®, Supreme & AmBar Barium Sulphate grades – now available to the resin/ polymer/ elastomer formulator!

We are pleased to announce further grade additions to one of our oldest product portfolio’s – the versatile  barium sulphate materials sold under the SintaBar®, Supreme and now, AmBar product descriptors.

Barium Sulphate Product Portfolio

By bringing these additional, and new grades to market after some months of field testing, we now cater for all requirements through three distinct performance groups – high purity precipitated SintaBar® grades; naturally white MicroSupreme & Supreme materials; and additionally now the value engineered Off-White AmBar barium sulphates – each range available in a numerous particle sizes and distributions.

By aligning the optimal grade with your specific requirements, our technically trained staff can help optimise the processing and performance of your final product. For coatings this would include the rheology, surface finish and durability; for plastics other criteria are important – density, chemical resistance, strength and acoustic/vibrational properties.

These new grade developments are part of an ongoing commitment to supply innovative solutions, working closely with our customers to meet their needs in continuously changing environments.

To receive further details on these materials please use the form on the Contact Page; or email; or telephone +44 (0) 1782 622666.

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