Talc Suppliers – For Surface Coatings

We offer a range of talcs that are characterised by their consistently high purity and whiteness.  These features being important requirements for use in our 3 core markets; cosmetics, coatings and plastics.  We have a long history in supplying high purity, high whiteness Chinese talcs to a wide range of markets and applications.  We also source and sell other talcs from around the world.

We offer talc that can be used in surface coatings including flat emulsion surface coatings, semi-gloss emulsion surface coatings, outdoor wood surface coatings, textured surface coatings, high solids solvent-free coatings, primers, alkyd topcoats, heavy duty maintenance and marine surface coatings, electro coating, gel coats, polyester and epoxy putties.  The grade of talc used is dependent on your specific requirements for purity, whiteness, particle size and price.

Talc Product Selection Guide

Your choice is reliant on your formulation and criteria.  Below, are a range of talcs used for specific surface coatings applications.  Please speak to a member of our team to discuss your exact application.  We can suggest the best performing grades for you to evaluate.

Talc for surface coatings

Selecting flat emulsion talc, semi-gloss emulsion talc, outdoor wood paint talc, textured paint talc, high solids solvent free coatings talc, primer talc, alkyd topcoat talc, heavy duty maintenance and marine paints talc, electro coating talc, gel coats talc and polyester and epoxy putties talc.

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Magsil ® GradeFlat EmulsionSemi-Gloss EmulsionOutdoor WoodTextureHigh Solids Solvent-Free CoatingsPrimersAlkyd TopcoatsHeavy Duty & MarineCoil & Electro CoatingGel CoatsPolyester & Epoxy Putties
Magsil ® 2628AYYYYY
Magsil ® 3183AYY
Magsil ® Diamond 200YY
Magsil ® Diamond 350YYYYYY
Magsil ® Diamond Ultrafine 2500
Magsil ® Extrafine Diamond 1250YYYYY
Magsil ® Osmanthus 200YYYYYY
Magsil ® Sapphire 350YYYYY
Magsil ® Star 200YY
Magsil ® Star 350YYYYYY
Magsil ® Super 350YYYYYY
Magsil ® Super StarYYYYY

Surface coating talc selection by particle size and colour

surface_coating_selection_chart2Safety Advisory Documents