Talc Suppliers – For Rubbers & Plastics

We offer a range of talcs that are characterised by their consistently high purity and whiteness, features that are important requirements for use in our 3 core markets; cosmetics, coatings and plastics.  We have a long history in supplying high purity, high whiteness Chinese talcs to a wide range of markets and applications, and also source and sell other talcs from around the world.  We offer a range of talcs that can be used in plastics.  The grade of choice is determined by your requirements, such as talc purity, talc whiteness, talc particle size, and price.  Our high purity talcs can improve rigidity, HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature) and shrinkage.

Talc Product Selection Guide

Your choice of talc is dependent on your formulation and criteria.  Below, are a range used for specific plastics applications.  Please speak to a member of our team to discuss your exact application.  We will be able to suggest the best performing grades for you to evaluate.

Talc for thermoplastics

Selecting Injection Moulding Polypropylene (PP) – Talc, Polypropylene (PP) Films Talc, High Impact Polypropylene (PP) Talc, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Talc, Poly Amide (PA) Talc and Polyl Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Talc.  Pleas click on a product to view the datasheet.

Magsil ® ProductPoly Propylene (PP) - Injection MouldingPoly Propylene (PP) - FilmPoly Propylene (PP) - Pipes & ProfilesPoly Propylene (PP) - High ImpactHigh Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) FilmLow Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) FilmPoly Amide (PA)Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
Magsil ® 2628AYYYYYY
Magsil ® 3183AYYYYYYYY
Magsil ® Diamond 200Y
Magsil ® Diamond 350YYYY
Magsil ® Diamond Extrafine 1250YYYYYYYY
Magsil ® Diamond Ultrafine 2500YYYYY
Magsil ® Sapphire 350YY
Magsil ® Star 200
Magsil ® Star 350YYYY
Magsil ® Super 350YYYY
Magsil ® Super StarYYYYYYYY
Magsil ® Ultrafine 4230YYYYYYY
Magsil ® Zecco 200Y
Magsil ® Zecco 300YYYY

Talc for thermoset plastics

Selecting UP (Unsaturated Polyester) & EP (Epoxy Putties) Talcs and UP (Unsaturated Polyester) & GRP (Glass Re-inforced Plastic) Talc.  Please click on a product to view the datasheet.

Magsil ® ProductUP (Unsaturated Polyester) & EP (Epoxy Putty)UP (Unsaturated Polyester) & GRP (Glass Re-Inforced Plastic)
Magsil ® 2628AY
Magsil ® 3183AY
Magsil ® Diamond 200YY
Magsil ® Diamond 350YY
Magsil ® Diamond Extrafine 1250
Magsil ® Diamond Ultrafine 2500
Magsil ® Sapphire 350YY
Magsil ® Star 200YY
Magsil ® Star 350YY
Magsil ® Super 350YY
Magsil ® Super StarY
Magsil ® Ultrafine 4230
Magsil ® Zecco 200YY
Magsil ® Zecco 300YY