White Barytes Suppliers

White barytes for plastics

In plastics barytes adds density to the end product.  It is also used for sound deadening, and also for the aesthetic reasons of ‘feel and handle’.

White barytes adds to the colour of pigmented polymers.  It acquires its colour due to the lack of contaminants, notably iron oxide.  This is particularly important in filled polypropylenes.  Barytes provides high levels of chemical resistance and can be incorporated into polymers at very high addition rates.

White Barytes is available in a wide range of  particle size distributions.  The two most popular are the milled Barytes Supreme and the micronised MicroSupreme Barytes.

White barytes for surface coatings

White Barytes is commonly used as a white pigment extender and filler in surface coatings.  It has the added advantage of being relatively chemically inert.  White barytes of 325 mesh can be used for textured surface finishes and micronised white barytes, also known as Blanc Fixe would be the choice for more critical finishes.

White Barytes Product Selection Chart