Zirconia Suppliers

Richard Baker Harrison Limited are the UK exclusive Distributor for Tosoh zirconia powders, compounds and YTZ grinding media.

Zirconia is a unique advanced ceramic – a chemical compound having he formula Zr O2. Products manufactured from Tosoh’s yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) powder exhibit superior mechanical properties such as high strength and flexibility. As a technological breakthrough, YSZ surpasses the strength limitations of traditional fine ceramics. Heat insulating properties and oxygen-ion conductivity indicate zirconia has potential for use in a wide variety of applications – everything from telecommunications to the new energy of the future and environmentally beneficial products.

Tosoh is a pioneer of the development of YSZ and has become the major supplier to the world. Earning a solid reputation for consistent high purity and quality that customers can depend on, Tosoh continues to focus resources in R&D and customer services for the ultimate evolution of zirconia.

Basic grades are available for Fine Ceramics and Solid Electrolyte with Oxygen-ion Conductivity along with Easy Mouldability “S” grades, “B” Binder grades, ATZ “A” grades and Injection Moulding compounds.

The product range includes:

TZ-3Y, 3YS, 3YB, 3YSB
TZ-3Y-E, 3YS-E, 3YB-E, 3YSB-E, 3YSB-C

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