An ever-evolving, globally renowned business

RBH offers an extensive range of products and services designed to help manufacturers worldwide overcome challenges in the production of complex formulations.

Underpinning all our operations is a passion for enhancing product performance, to both inspire and deliver change. Committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers, this allows us to fully understand the challenges they face.

Our history

Our origins can be traced back to 1858 when Mr Richard Baker founded a trading company in London. Over 150 years, the organisation has evolved through a series of mergers and acquisitions which has included – W Harrison & Company Ltd, Kittle White & Company Ltd, Pumex UK Ltd, Whitfield & Son Ltd and most recently joining with Hubron Speciality Ltd.

During this period, RBH has partnered with a variety leading global producers, while developing our own portfolio of world-renowned brand names. Today, RBH offers more than 100 functional minerals & chemicals and operates out of 5 European warehouses, maintains a comprehensive technical centre plus a contract blending and repackaging plant.

Our specialties

Serving a diverse range of industries, we occupy a particularly important position within the plastic, rubber, coating, adhesive & sealant, composite, ceramic, personal care and polishing sectors.

An ever-evolving business, we continue to pursue opportunities beyond these areas; developing our portfolio of products and service in accordance with the challenges and trends occurring throughout the marketplace.

Faber & VanderEnde GmbH became part of the RBH Group in 2022. Faber & VanderEnde are well known & respected across Europe for their expertise in high-quality performance materials for the coatings, construction, adhesives, sealants and molecular sieves/filtration sectors which perfectly complements the range currently offered by us and further strengthens our geo expansion into Europe.

Richard Baker Harrison + Hubron Speciality RBH


The origins of Richard Baker Harrison can be traced back to 1858, when Mr Richard Baker founded a trading company in London.


Hubron was founded by Mr Hugh Brown in Manchester to supply elastomeric compounds.


Hubron became distributer of Goodyear Tire Chemicals, becoming Hubron Rubber Chemicals.


Richard Baker purchased W Harrison & Co. - becoming Richard Baker Harrison Ltd.


Richard Baker Harrison began sourcing functional minerals from Asia, developing key partnerships in China.


Both Richard Baker Harrison & Hubron Speciality progressively expanded into Adhesives, Sealants, Plastics, Composites and Coatings.


Hubron partnered with KingYorker & Arkema products supporting thermoplastics expansion.


Richard Baker Harrison purchased Whitfield & Sons, subsequently relocating to Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Richard Baker Harrison and Hubron Speciality both operate within the OBG group.


The two organisations pooled products, services and resources, rebranding as RBH.


Further Growth for RBH with acquisition of Polymer Specialist, Dunwood Polymers


Acquisition of Geniechem Ltd & Geniechem (Europe)Ltd


Richard Baker Harrison acquire Faber&Vanderende BV