Magnesium Oxide-Based Cements/mortars: An eco-friendly product

Consuming energy to produce magnesia is less demanding than Portland Cement. MgO based cement has the potential to absorb CO2 from the air to achieve resistance and strength development, which makes it a promising and favourable carbon-neutral cement, free of steel reinforcements.

RBH offers a range of MgO consisting of Light Burned through to Dead Burned Magnesite. We have the purity and reactivity needed for your magnesia based mortars.

The magnesium oxide-based cement that is currently produced or is in the stage of development comes from two different chemicals/mineralogical forms (and associated process): magnesium carbonates or magnesium silicates. In the first case, the cementing binder is reactive magnesium oxide, whereas in the second case, it is a mix of magnesium oxide and hydrated magnesium carbonates, Concrete Society. 

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