6 Non-Toxic Materials for Crop Protection & Stable Yields

Material to Enhance Agronomy

A guide to greener and more sustainable agronomy

Hydroseeding Mulch

Manufactured from recycled wood fibre and straw, Terra FSP® by CIUR, is a high-performance hydroseeding mulch. Terra FSP® promotes accelerated growth through enhanced seed protection, improved water retention and excellent anti-erosion stability.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite

Zeolite is a mineral with natural cage-like structure and High Cation Exchange (CEC). This structure absorbs water, increasing the water retention capacity of the soil. The high CEC allows nutrients from fertilisers to be retained within the soil, reducing fertiliser escape.

Attapulgite Clay

Acti-Gel® 208 by ActiveMinerals is an inert, high purity attapulgite clay. The large surface area and high-water absorption capacity of the clay provides major soil improvement. This is through enhanced nutrient absorption, improved soil aeration and soil fertility. The clay also serves as binding agents for seed coatings and dry fertilisers.

Water-Based Polymer Dispersions

The Emupol range of water-based polymer dispersions are developed for seed protection by stabilising light and mineral or sandy soils against wind erosion. These products are VOC free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

China Clay

China clay, otherwise known as kaolin, is soft, chemically inert and naturally occurring. Kaolin can create a thin barrier film on plants, proven to repel many types of insects, mites and disease pests. It also reduces plants sunburn and heat stress.


Pumice is lightweight volcanic rock consisting of highly vesicular volcanic glass, that is commonly used as a soil conditioner and growing medium. The porosity of this mineral makes it perfect for use as a soil amendment, providing excellent drainage, air circulation and gas exchange in the root region.

better crop protection


improved water retention


attapulgate clay


In addition to the above materials, RBH has a wider product offering for the agronomy industry. 

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