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Clinoptilolite: An ancient mineral with a wide range of benefits

Gordes Zeolite

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a natural type of Zeolite equipped with a cage-like structure and high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), making it incredibly effective in attracting and trapping positively charged ions. At RBH Ltd, we offer a pure high quality of Clinoptilolite (82% by mass on average), where it is one of the most efficient types of Zeolite.

An overview of zeolite clinoptilolite’s key properties

Toxin Binder, Ammonia Removal, Anti-caking & Flowability agent, Healthier & More Durable Surfaces, Heavy Metal Immobilisation, High CEC, Improved Water Holding Capacity, Increased Soil Porosity & Aeration, Nutrient Retention, Reduced Fertiliser Leaching, Reduced Soil Compaction & Water Purification.

The benefits of Zeolite compared to others

  • Safe and Toxic-fee.
  • Offers better soil quality.
  • Superior hardness. Stable in soil.
  • Cost-effective for many years.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of fertilizers. Decreases fertilizer costs.
  • Quick & easy application, storage and application.
  • Block ground water contamination

These properties enable Zeolite to be used as a beneficial component in a variety of areas. 

Key Zeolite applications

Clinoptilolite is the most suitable organic zeolite type for commercial and industrial applications:

Turf & Horticulture

A key element to football, golf, croquet and bowling greens, Zeolite offers a broad range of advantages within turf related markets. Presenting a water retention capacity of 25 – 40%, the soil’s water-holding capacity can be significantly improved. Moreover, Zeolites high CEC reduces fertiliser escape and increased availability of desirable nutrients within the root zone.  


Zeolite can be utilised to chemical and biological spills to encapsulate a wide range of liquids. Within land remediation, the cation exchange capacity of Zeolite can also be used to immobilise heavy metals and other contaminants in environmental remediation projects. In such situations, it can be incorporated into the soil to form treatment zones or added as an injectable slurry.


Clinoptilolite can be applied to fishery and aquarium systems, where it is used as an ammonia binder, inhibiting algal build-up. It can also be utilised as alongside activated carbon infiltration vessels in nitrogen fertiliser clean-up operations, removing ammonia levels within contaminated water bodies.

RBH Ltd is a distributor of Gordes Zeolite products in England, Scotland and Wales, and you can find superior quality zeolite clino