Smart co-polyester and polyurethane solutions from Bostik

Bostik Smart Adhesives

These materials are available in a range of grades; solvated and non-solvated, crystalline and amorphous and with a range of properties. Particularly effective for inks, adhesives and lamination. This is a high-performance product range. They are extremely versatile offering a good balance of properties from low temperature flexibility to high temperature resistance. They can be blended or used by themselves depending on applications and can be cured or crosslinked where required.

Addressing customer-oriented needs!

Alternative chemistries

Bostik is highly active in exploring alternative chemistries and technologies, avoiding substances of concern. You can contact your RBH market managers today to learn more about further opportunities.

Circular Economy

Sustainability is a fundamental value for Bostik and Arkema. Bostik develops adhesives that makes plastic possible to recycle and enable to reduce environmental footmarks.

Industry 4.0

Bostik and Arkema are leaders of the future-generation industry, developing and delivering customer-oriented solutions to make industrial production safe, smart, innovative and connected, achieving higher quality, better performance and reduced downtimes.

Benefits/ Main features

  • FDA compliance for various US and European food contact regulations.
  • Specific adhesion and good abrasion resistance
  • Various heat durability
  • Good chemical resistance and UV performance
  • High electrical resistivity and optical efficiency

Key applications

Film producer, Film converter, Inks/Graphic arts, Coating, Adhesives Electrical laminates, Woven to film, Film producer.

RBH Ltd is a distributor of Bostik in UK & Ireland. Our trained team will be able to advise you on what works best for different applications!