The use of functional minerals in resin flooring

Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is used within a wide range of commercial and industrial settings including: production units, workshops, laboratories, exhibition spaces and hospitals. Key additives often include functional minerals used to optimise the physical properties of flooring systems, whilst creating anti-slip effects in situations where safety is a key. Meanwhile, pigments and modifiers help meet the decorative and application demands of commercial environments.

Featured Materials:

Barium Sulphates

Barium Sulphates are available in both precipitated and natural forms. Properties of high density and low oil absorption mean that fast levelling, high mineral loading and easy dispersion can be achieved. A wide range of grades displaying varying degrees of whiteness, further allows reduced levels of pigment loadings.

The range is made up of our own globally recognised brand names – AmBar®, SintaBar® & Supreme.

Chatelet Flint

Chatelet flint is obtained through the crushing of sea pebbles in Northern France. It’s high Mohs hardness and angular nature, exerts properties of increased wear resistance and anti-slipping within industrial floors. It’s unique appearance, good chemical resistance and selectable particle size has helped make this a popular component of many flooring systems.

Particle sizes available range from 0.1 – 30mm.

Neuburg Siliceous Earth

NSE is a natural agglomerate of corpuscular silica and lamellar kaolinite. Demonstrated through extensive testing, NSE can create significant physical and processing improvements, making it an excellent alternative to traditional mineral fillers. Within epoxy formulations, improved pigment stability, elongation and abrasion resistance have all been achieved. Formulations containing NSE also display reduced aeration and improved levelling.

In the absence of coarse fillers, Sillitin Z86 Puriss is recommended for its excellent dispersing properties.

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