ViviOn From USI Corporation in Medical Plastics Magazine

Vivion Cyclic Block Copolymers

ViviOnTM – a novel thermoplastic polymer for optical & diagnostic mouldings from USI Corporation

We featured ViviOnTM in an advertisement that ran in the March/April issue of Medical Plastics magazine, where we looked to illustrate some of the unique properties of this novel CBC thermoplastic polymer. The ability of ViViOn to withstand repeated sterilisation and retain both its optical, biocompatibility and physical properties, makes it suitable for many potential applications. ViviOnTM is showing great promise in optical communication applications, in addition to its current use in medical diagnostic mouldings and profiles.

So, what is ViviOnTM ?

ViviOnTM is a novel cyclic block copolymer range, which are fully hydrogenated polymers based on styrene and conjugated dienes via anionic polymerization.

This innovative material from USI Corporation has impressive thermal stability, remarkable UV durability, extremely high transparency, low water absorption, low density and excellent purity.

Therefore, the above features can assure ViviOnTM users that it can offer excellent design flexibility, simple and easy processing capability and cost-effectiveness.

Through tailoring of the polymer micro-structure by adapting the ratio of polycyclohexylethylene (PCHE) and ethylene-co-1-butene (EB), ViviOnTM materials are available from rigid thermoplastics to soft elastomers.

Two Key Technologies

  • Anionic Polymerization

– Precisely controlled molecular weight

– Extremely low extractables

  • Complete Hydrogenation

– Ensured product quality

USI Corporation, one of the largest polymeric material companies based in Taiwan, has a long history in producing and selling PE and EVA.

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