Metal Working

Market Manager

Name: Dominic Rawlins
Phone: +44 (0) 161 3042 or Email

Market Assistant

Name: Janet Qualters
Phone: +44 (0) 161 938 3021 or Email

Our metal working portfolio


We offer a range of materials used in high-temperature refractory, foundry and investment casting applications. Our refractory materials are used in furnace linings, kiln furniture, foundry moulds and space shuttle tiles. A recent addition to our metalworking portfolio is our CMMP Zircon range. These materials display a high melting point and low thermal expansion co-efficiency, leading to widespread use in investment castings, furnace linings and mortars.

Functional Minerals

Functional minerals are a versatile group of materials that are meticulously prepared from natural rocks

Barium Sulphate
Kaolin (China Clay)

Speciality Modifiers

Our speciality modifiers deliver specific performance enhancements and provide added value.

Magnesium Oxide