Automotive, Solid Surface & Aerospace

Market Manager

Name: Ryan Street
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Market Assistant

Name: Denise Scott
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Portfolio Benefits:

Durable Material/ Lifespan, Domestic to OEM Quality Finishes, Finishing Abrasives, Flattening Abrasives, High Gloss, Variable Cut

Many articles, objects, paints, metals, glasses and ceramics tend to gradually lose their original appearance when exposed to light, humidity, oxygen or dirt. To restore these objects to their original appearance it is necessary to re-finish the surface. RBH offers a range of natural and synthetic abrasives which have a proven history in this field.

With a focus on automotive and hard surface refinishing, our portfolio allows the formulator to produce bespoke compounds for their specific field of interest. Different levels of cut, gloss and abrasive life can all be selected from our range of materials.

Functional Minerals

Functional minerals are a versatile group of materials that are meticulously prepared from natural rocks

Calcined Alumina
Tripoli Powder

Speciality Modifiers

Our speciality modifiers deliver specific performance enhancements and provide added value.

Anhydrous Aluminium Silicates