Bakelite Synthetics

Bakelite are a global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, systems and engineered thermoset molding compounds.

Bakelite products which are primarily based on phenolic chemistry, are used to bind, bond and shape materials for the most challenging applications:

  • Engineered wood products that have to withstand fire and moisture
  • Automotive and electrical components that must be lightweight yet stable in punishing environments
  • Airplane cabin parts that are sturdy and virtually fire and smoke-proof

These applications all depend on the properties and performance of Bakelite Synthetics.

Product Type(s):

Base Resins & Cross Linkers


Coatings, Composites

Base Materials

Our base materials include resins, polymers and elastomers that provide the essential properties for your end product.

Phenolic Resins

Our crosslinkers irreversibly change properties to the final optimised level required.

Phenolic Resins