Carlfors Bruk AB

Carlfors Bruk was founded in 1898 and since 1931 the company has been owned by the Björklund family. After many years as a producer in the metallic pigment sector we have gained valuable experience and solid knowledge that today makes us a well-known supplier of aluminium pigments globally. We cover all continents in close cooperation with agents and distributors and from our facilities in Huskvarna (situated in between Stockholm and Copenhagen) more than 98% of our sales are exported worldwide. Carlfors Bruk AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and manufacture aluminium paste and powder in a modern process industry with a continuous 24 hours operation. With a total of 65 employees we are a tight and flexible organization always focusing on prompt service in close contact with our customers.

Product Type(s):



Plastics, Coatings, Composites


Our pigments are based upon natural and synthetic materials and used primarily to optimise colour and hue.

Aluminium Pigments