A subsidiary of the Arkema Group, MLPC International has been developing its expertise in the chemistry of CS2 (carbon disulfide), CnCl (cyanogen chloride) and S2Cl2 (amines) for almost sixty years. This experience has made MLPC International a leader in the production of additives for the rubber industry: thioureas, guanidine’s, carbazides and rubber chemical masterbatches.

MLPC International produces and sells about 15 000 ton of chemicals per year: accelerators of vulcanization used for the largest part in the industrial rubber industry which represents 75 % of its turnover. The other 25 % are represented by sales of fine chemicals intermediates to various industries such as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants and adhesives, to mention but a few.

MLPC International annual turnover is about 50 million Euro’s. The company employs more than 200 persons working in two production plants: Rion des Landes and Lesgor. Thanks to its continuous commitment to quality and services, MLPC International obtained ISO 9002 certification in 1995 and ISO 9000 versus 2001 certification since 2001.

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Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants


Our crosslinkers irreversibly change properties to the final optimised level required.

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