The Silox group specialises in mineral chemistry. We manufacture and sell products derived mainly from sulphur and non-ferrous metals, in particular zinc. Our head office is based in Engis, near Liège in Belgium. Silox is a young, dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative team. We have a global presence and are market leaders in a number of specialist sectors. For example, we are:

The only manufacturer of sodium hydrosulphite-based reducing and bleaching agents, with plants on three continents, employing the two main production processes using zinc and sodium formate; global specialists in particularly high-performance “active” zinc used in the rubber industry; leaders in anti-corrosion pigments and sulfoxylates; Internationally renowned in the field of recycling residues of non-ferrous metals using hydrometallurgy.

These products have a broad range of applications, including pulp & paper, textiles, sugar, porcelain clay, paints and coatings, ceramics, rubber, tyres, animal feed, latex and more.

Product Type(s):



Plastics, Rubber, Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Personal Care


Our crosslinkers irreversibly change properties to the final optimised level required.

Zinc Oxide