New Resins within the coating’s portfolio

Omnova Coating Resins

RBH and OMNOVA Solutions have been working together for many years, in close partnership for the delivery of the Omnova coating resins and rubber sector products, to the UK market.

At the end of 2018, OMNOVA’s portfolio grew again following the acquisition of Resiquimica, based in Portugal, a producer of aqueous polymer emulsions and solvent-borne alkyd & acrylic resins for the coating sector.

Now included within the Omnova portfolio and with brand names to reflect this transition, RBH are distributing these additional materials throughout the UK’s coatings industry.

These key additions to the Omnova coating resin product offering, enables greater problem solving solutions to be provided. A brief overview of these materials can be found below:

Pliodisp – Aqueous Polymer Emulsions

7735 Acrylate Copolymer – Pure acrylic binder especially designed for elastomeric wall coatings exhibiting strong exterior durability, excellent dirt pick up resistance and good low temperature elasticity.

7730 Acrylate Copolymer – Used in elastomeric wall and roof coatings with excellent ageing behavior. Exhibits low water uptake, alkali resistance and high elongation even in negative temperature.

Pliocryl – Solvent-Based Acrylics

4526 Orthophthalic Unsaturated Polyester – Developed for road marking paints, it provides good balance of flexibility and hardness after curing as well as weather and abrasion resistances. Pre-accelerated and diluted in acrylic solvents.

Pliolak – Alkyd Resins

AU520 Medium-oil Urethane Alkyd – Used in combination with conventional alkyd resins (e.g. PLIOLAK AS 652) for the manufacture of semi-gloss enamels and for the protection and decoration of surfaces. Based on vegetable fatty acids.

AU620 Long-oil Urethane Alkyd – High resistance to abrasion and saponification. Can be used for protective and maintenance coatings. Based vegetable fatty acids.