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Last week Hubron Repacking Services Limited (HRSL) rebranded as RBH Repacking Services, realigning the company with the distribution side of the business.

RBH Repacking Services has over 30 years experience in providing blending, decanting, repacking and pre-production trial services to European manufacturers.

Operating out of 2 x 5000 sq.m group owned units, they have developed an extensive service offering, with the flexibility to work with even the most unique packaging, raw material and blending requirements. They serve a number of industrial sectors, but legacy core skills have seen RBH become the supplier of choice to polymer and elastomer customers.

Working in collaboration in close partnership, allows us to support every stage of a manufacturers product development, from technical support & sourcing, through to bespoke packaging and blending.

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More information can be found on their new website here.