Acrylic & Styrene Acrylic Resins

HydroPliolite®, Pliolite®, Pliotec®, Plioway®.

Product Type:

Base Materials



OMNOVA’s extensive portfolio of water based and solvent based Acrylics offer exceptional benefits to primers, concrete coatings, protective coatings and inks. Protective attributes include resistance to alkali, corrosion, fire, efflorescence and chemicals.

Key Properties:

Exceptional Adhesion, Excellent Rheology, Durable Film Formulation, High UV Durability, Great Pigment Binding, Low VOC Systems.

Hydro Pliolite®

Hydro Pliolite® are W/B resins based on E.B.S/A.B.S (Emulsified/Amphoteric Binding Systems) technology, and are used to produce high quality exterior and interior coatings. They are internally plasticised acrylic copolymer emulsions, and when used in paints and primers, successfully combine the advantages of waterborne products with exceptional adhesion.


The Pliolite® portfolio is comprised of a well-established range of solvent soluble resins for masonry, concrete and anti-corrosion coatings. Vinyl Toluene Acrylate, Styrene Acrylate, Styrene Acrylate type polymers are each available in friable granule form. Depending on the requirements, key advantages across the range include excellent rheology properties, solubility, durable film formation, excellent adhesion among others.


Pliotec® resins are unique water-borne resins for masonry and concrete coatings. They are thermoplastic carboxylated acrylate dispersions. The Pliotec® 7000 series is produced using a proprietary hydrophobic stabiliser. Pliotec HDT 12 is a unique resin for DTM WB primers or monocoats.


Plioway® & Plioway® Ultra resins are very soluble polymers developed for high performance odourless solvent based coatings such as waterproofing or stain-blocking primers. Plioway® resins are dry acrylic copolymers soluble in low-odour aromatic-free solvents. Plioway® Ultra resins are dry acrylic resins soluble in odourless isoparaffinic solvents. They can be used inside and outside the buildings.