Activated Carbon

Extremely high porosity

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Environmental, Specialities

We supply worldwide the complete spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades manufactured from raw materials like coal, lignite, coconut shell and wood by all the customary activation processes, like:

  • steam activation
  • zinc chloride activation
  • phosphoric acid activation

The applications for activated carbon are varied and include:

Air & Gas Treatment


RBH Group offers a broad range of activated carbon tailored to the specific needs of the various air and gas cleaning applications: besides extruded and granular grades, which are used in fixed bed absorbers, powdered qualities for injection are available.

Water & Waste Water Treatment


Activated Carbon for drinking water purification, groundwater rehabilitation, treatment of service and waste water. Activated carbon is used either in powdered or granular form, depending on the specific application and process.

Treatment of Liquids


Adsorption technology is widely employed in the purification and decolourisation of all kinds of liquids in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, like glucose, oils and fats, seasonings and glutamate, wine, beer and juices.


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