Aluminium Hydroxide

Precipitated & Finely Ground

Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings, Composites, Plastics & Thermoplastics, Rubber

Coarse grade ATH with a D50 of 65µ approx., ideal for achieving high loadings with limited affect on viscosity due to low oil and resin demand. Aluminium hydroxide is the most widely used halogen-free flame retardant mineral worldwide. ATH induced flame retardancy is the result of the endothermic decomposition of aluminium hydroxide into aluminium oxide and water at temperatures of around 200oC. The process results in high heat absorption, the displacement of oxygen through water vapour production, and the formation is a ceramic char acting as a barrier to both heat and oxygen.


High in whiteness and purity, our precipitated and other grades of ATH can be used widely within the rubber and plastic compounding industries. RBH can further offer high purity precipitated ATH grades, along with tightly controlled high white ground grades for solid surface applications.


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