Aluminium Pigments

Pellets, Flake & Paste

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Coatings, Composites, Plastics & Thermoplastics

We are the UK and Irish distributor for a range of aluminium pigment and flake powders manufactured by Carlfors Bruk AB.

Carlfors Bruk AB are based in Huskvarna in Sweden, and have been producing aluminium pigments and flake powders for more than 100 years.

Alternative manufacturing processes allow us to offer both leafing and non-leafing grades, each suited to a wide range of plastic, coating and composite related applications.


Key Properties:

Exceptional Finish (Chrome & Silver), Feed Contact Approved Grades, Excellent Coverage.

Aluminium Flake Powder

Aluminium Flake Powders are suited to powder coatings, printing inks, civil explosives, autoclaved concrete and others.

Printing Inks: Within printing inks, the non-wetting properties of leafing pigments helps align the flakes at the surface of the coating film and creates a bright silver finish.

Powder Coatings: Aluminium Flake Powder pigments are available in both leafing and no leafing forms. Non-leafing grades are particularly effective when encapsulated with an inorganic silica coating or organic polymer coating. Meanwhile, in bonded powder coatings, leafing grades create a chrome like appearance.

Aluminium Paste

Aluminium pigment pastes are widley used across industrial and decorative coating sectors.

Printing Inks: Both non-leafing and leafing pigments are suitable for printing inks.

When used in non-polar solvents, a chrome appearance can be created. Grades can also be supplied to meet food contact approval standards if required.

Coatings – Non-Leafing Paste: Non-leafing pigments include both corn flake and silver dollar type grades. Corn flake pigments are cost effective and provide very good coverage and a smooth metallic appearance. Silver Dollar pigments consist of individual mirror like platelets and provide superior specular effects. Non-leafing pigments are used where good substrate and intercoat adhesion is required.

Coatings – Leafing Paste: Leafing pastes for coatings give a specular chrome like finish which adds value and substance to the substrate. The coatings can also be functional such as in roof coatings where the leafing finish helps keep buildings cool by reflecting the sun’s infrared radiation. This then helps reduce costs in keeping a building cool by reducing the use of air conditioning.

Plastics: Both leafing and Non-Leafing grades are suitable for plastics, each providing manufacturers with the flexibility of having the paste carried in the most suitable medium for their polymer system. These materials provide cost effective metallic appearances at low loading levels.

Aluminium Pellets

Aluminium Pellets offer extensive advantages within Plastics, Coatings and Printing Inks.

Plastics Pellets: The pigments metallic effect provides the polymer with a superior effect at low loading levels without comprising the physical characteristics of the polymer and in some cases even enhances the polymers physical characteristics. The narrow particle size distribution of the Silver Dollar pellets guarantees excellent result and consistency.

Coatings – Non-Leafing Soft Granules: Very brilliant Silver Dollar pigments. The SI-version offers improved adhesion and stability. These pigments are easy to handle and transport thanks to the soft granule form they are supplied in.

Printing Inks – Non-Leafing Soft Granules: Our soft granules can be used for solvent borne or water borne Flexo and Gravure inks. The Silver Dollar granules give very good brilliance and coverage. CBright 1000 UV is ideal for UV curing Offset, Flexo or Screen printing inks.

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