Anhydrous Aluminium Silicates


Product Type:

Speciality Modifiers


Polishing, Rubber

Kaopolite is engineered from Anhydrous Aluminium Silicates, known for their unique aggregated amorphous structures and tight particle size distributions. Compatible in liquids, pastes, waxes and creams, Kaopolite offers significant benefits in automotive care, dentrifrices, ceramic polishes, marine care and hard surface cleaners. With advanced production capabilities, we offer a range of innovative grades each varying in particle size, hardness & moisture. Key Properties: Choice of hardness & sizing, Fast action, Adjustable abrasivity, excellent gloss effects, easy dispersion in aqueous & non-aqueous systems, tight particle size distributions, inherent inertness.

Automotive Polishing

Kaopolite Incorporated have engineered a speciality line of kaolin clays with auto polish manufacturers in mind. Kaopolite is an Anhydrous aluminum silicate used worldwide in superior polishes as a gentle abrasive. Kaopolite kaolins’ unique aggregated amorphous structures,inherent inertness and controlled particle size distributions make these mateerials the “gentle abrasive” of choice. Kaopolite products are suitable for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

Hard Surface Cleaning

The Kaopolite range of hard surface cleaning products are natural, pure, chemically inert, and untreated during processing. They are registered under CleanerGredients, allowing them to be used in cleaning products that meet the Safer Choice directive, while also providing superior cleaning performance. The Kaopolite product range is unique from other competitors in that it offers an environmentally friendly, safe, effective, and green solution without compromising performance. Because this line officially meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s safer products standards, customers can be further assured that they are maximizing both the environment as well as performance in their use of a Safer Choice Product. For a product to carry the label, ingredients must meet stringent health, safety, and environmental criteria defined by the EPA, helping both customers and commercial buyers to identify products containing safer chemical ingredients. Kaopolite Incorporated is proud to offer a new alternative to hard surface cleaning that supports a growing interest among industry, government, and commercial buyers alike towards the goal of advancing the use of green chemistry in products.

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