Anti-Flash Rust Inhibitors

Emadox; AB Rust

Product Type:

Speciality Modifiers


Coatings, Lubricants & Oils, Specialities

Laboratories Labema® is a family owned manufacturer of liquid corrosion inhibitors for water-based systems, based in Lorette, France. Labema’s liquid corrosion inhibitors are marketed under the trusted Emadox®, Ab-Rust®, Ve-Gerust® and Emarust® brand names. Serving a range of water-based systems, these speciality products find use within coatings, oils, lubricants, coolants, detergents and metal protection systems. Underpinning these products is a VOC free, Heavy metal free, ready to use chemistry combining Organic, Inorganic and Passivating Inhibitors.


Key Properties:

Free of heavy metals & VOC’s, Inhibits Flash Rust.

Flash Rust

Flash rust is the appearance of rust spots on metal substrates following application and drying of water-based paint. Labema’s anti flash rust additives inhibit the flash rust formation during the drying period. Metals protected included iron, steel, aluminium, copper and brass.


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