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Product Type:



Plastics, Rubber

High activity, low volatility hindered phenolic non-staining antioxidants led by Wingstay L, a high activity antioxidant suitable for most elastomer and polymer types.

Applications include:

  • The protection of natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene & butadiene chemistry.
  • Protection of light colored, non-staining goods derived from natural rubber and latex, SBR, carboxylated SBR latex, ABS, NBR, BR, SBS and SIS in applications where retention of appearance and elastic properties are important requirements during use and storage.
  • Protection of natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene chemistry.
  • In-process stabilization of polymers used in manufactured goods such as elastic thread, carpet backing, foam rubber mattresses, household and surgical gloves, bath mats, rubber flooring, automotive components, household and electronic appliances.
  • Protection of adhesives and lubricants.
Key Properties:

Highly effective polyphenolic antioxidant, Low volativity, non-discoloring, non-pinking