Acti-Gel® and Min-U-Gel®

Product Type:

Rheology Modifiers


Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Coatings, Environmental, Specialities

Min-U-Gel® and Acti-Gel® are inorganic thickeners presenting significant benefits within water based coatings, ceramic glazes and agricultural products. The range encompasses Attapulgite (Min-U-Gel) and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate (Acti-Gel) materials, engineered to offer excellent rheology modification, anti-settling and thixotropic thickening solutions.

Key Properties:

Acti-Gel® – Eliminates Sedimentation, Decreases Synerese, Prevents Settlement, Excellent Stability. Min-U-Gel® – High Vicosity at Low Shear Rates, Low Viscosity at High Shear Rates, Rapid Recoverability, Stable Gel Strength, Functions Under Extreme Temperatures.


Acti-Gel® 208 is a highly purified, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate product with unique properties. The material emanates from Attapulgite Clay, which when processed transform into homogenous rod-shaped particles, with pseudo-nano dimensions. The ProcessStability at rest in thixotropic or pseudo plastic liquids is often the result of a three-dimensional network of tiny particles at rest. The homogeneous shape of the Acti-Gel® 208 particles allows very fast formation of such a network in water-based products, preventing settlement and water floatation highly efficient.Upon shear (spraying, pumping, tooling, brushing or pouring) this network is broken down completely. This results in a very low viscosity under shear. As soon as the water-based product is at rest the network is formed again very fast. In some cases in less than 0.2 seconds! This results in the reconstruction of a high viscosity (stabilisation, preventing sagging) after application.The ResultWater-based liquids, slurries and suspensions with ions and/or solids (with charge) can become highly pseudo plastic by addition of 0,01-3% (w/w) of Acti-Gel® 208. Water-based products show excellent workability, spray-ability, self-levelling properties, green strength and self-compacting properties since the viscosity is very low by the shear during application. The viscosity under shear is lower than with cellulose ethers.Once applied, viscosity will recover by absence of shear, resulting in unmatched stability (no bleeding, no segregation, high layer thickness, no syneresis, and no colour float). The dosing rate of Acti-Gel 208® depends on the amount of ions and/or solids with charge in your water based product. The level needed will be lower at high concentrations of ionic charges.The time needed for the viscosity to recover after applying shear also depends on this concentration of ionic charges. Recovery will be faster at higher concentrations of charge. It has also been found to act as a reinforcing filler in several applications.


Min-U-Gel minerals are specially processed colloidal gelling agents prepared in fine particle sizes from attapulgite clay. Their gel characteristics are best described as yield-pseudoplastic and thixotropic. Key applications are found in coatings, sealants & mastics, joint compounds and adhesives.The Benefits- Stable Gel Strength: Prevents settling of solids, phase separation or syneresis in the mixture during storage, thereby reducing pre-application mixing time.- High Viscosity at Low Shear Rates – Maintains mix uniformity during processing and packaging. Permits use of low shear mixers whilst minimising sag and flow after application.Controls penetration rate of adhesives and stains and prevents adhesive squeeze-out during high pressure laminating- Low Viscosity at High Shear Rates – Permits faster mixing prior to use makes application easier. Improves levelling during application of high viscosity mixtures- Rapid “Recoverability” – Mixture quickly returns to its original viscosity after application, or after mixing before application.- Consistent Gel Characteristics at Extreme Temperature Conditions – Permits use in high or low temperature applications or manufacturing conditions.

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