Barium Sulphate

SintaBar®; Microsupreme, Supreme & AmBar®.

Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings, Composites, Environmental, Lubricants & Oils, Metal Working, Plastics & Thermoplastics, Rubber, Specialities

Available in both finely precipitated (SintaBar®) and naturally ground forms (Supreme & AmBar), Barium Sulphates are extremely versatile products, utilised to great effect across a wide range of industrial applications. Key to the widespread use is the unique balance of high density with the low hardness, virtual chemical inertness, X-ray absorbance and distinct colour.

Key Properties:

Coatings – Durability, Excellent, Processing Rheology, White Pigment Extension, Pigment Compatibility. Plastics – Low Resin Demand, Impact Strength, Sound Deadening, Increased Density.

SintaBar® - High Purity Precipitated

Lightness – L* 98, Mean Particle Size Options 0.3 – 2.0umPrecipitated Barium Sulphate, also known generically as blanc fixe, is ideal for applications requiring exceptional colour, surface finish, purity and ease of incorporation. The long established SintaBar®P2NF is a leading grade offering a finer and whiter alternative to natural grades.

Supreme & MicroSupreme - Naturally White

Lightness – L* 94, Mean Particle Size Options 2.5 – 13.5umProduced from carefully selected feedstock, these tightly controlled milled products are very low colour (high L*) natural grades with a consistent particle size distribution – ideally suited to the coatings, thermoplastics, and elastomer sectors. Named by their associated top size, the low colour consistency is a result of the reduced levels of contaminants, most notably iron oxide.

AmBar® - Off-White

Lightness – L* 80 – 85, Mean Particle Size Options 6.5 – 28.0umCoarser milled grades are produced for applications where low resin demand, good rheology and viscosity are required, or where low colours and cost are key drivers. Typical applications include, sound deadening or chemically resistant linings in elastomers and thermoplastic compounds. We can offer further specialist low lead content products, designed to meet friction industry requirements.

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