Barytes Bricks & Sands


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We offer a range of barytes bricks and aggregates under the trade name Bariwall. These materials are produced from high density, naturally occurring barium sulphate, characterised by X-ray absorbance, low hardness and virtual chemical inertness.

  • Bariwall Shielding Bricks: Our Bariwall bricks offer outstanding radiation shielding solutions in hospitals, laboratories, factories and nuclear plants.
  • Barytes Aggregate: Our aggregate grades are graded as less than 5 mm and used to produce barytes screens.
  • Barytes Jointing Sand: Our joining sands are graded as less than 2mm and can be used to produce barytes render and mortar joints in conjunction with the Bariwall bricks.

Both Barytes aggregate and jointing sands are grades and packed in either 1,000kg or 25kg bags.


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