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Exceptional anhydride hardeners for fibre reinforced epoxy composites used in critical applications. The LINDRIDE family of anhydrides are light-coloured liquids of low to moderate viscosity, which find utility as curing agents for epoxy resins. The Lindride anhydrides comprise several series of similar composition.

The LS Series products are low viscosity, anhydride based curing agents.  These products have been formulated to react readily with epoxy resins, and to give improved flexibility and toughness to rapidly cured parts.  Other benefits include:

These features-coupled with excellent adhesion to reinforcements such as glass and carbon fibre-make these systems excellent choices for many composite processes, including pultrusion, filament winding and resin transfer moulding

LS81K LS252V LS682K LS684K


Key Properties:

Long pot life, tailored viscosity, controlled cure rate & exotherm, low cure shinkage, excellent wetting & adhesion, excellent thermal stability, contolled Tg.