Etex Plaster

Plaster of Paris

Product Type:

Base Materials


Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Specialities

With Etex’s extended range of Plaster of Paris products, we are able to offer grades suited to the majority of manufacturing processes. The high purity Gypsum ensures contamination free and consistent products offering exceptional mould life and permeability. Typical setting times: Initial Set (6 – 10 min)/ Final Set (18 – 30 min).


Key Properties:

Contamination free, high purity, exceptional mould life, permeability.

Alpha Plaster

Alpha Plaster gives the correct combination of hardness and expansion, making it suited to modelling and case-mould production.

Beta Plaster

Beta Plaster is produced for casting moulds, and is widely used for sanitary ware & bone china.

Alpha & Beta Plaster

Alpha & Beta Plaster combines properties such as excellent absorption & permeability together with high strength and a superior mould life, making it ideal for jollying, jiggering and casting.

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