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Gilsonite is the registered trademark of the American Gilsonite company, and is a non-hazardous, naturally occurring, hydrocarbon resin that is similar in appearance to coal or hard asphalt. It may also be referred to as an asphaltum, uintaite or uintahite. We market these products to three important application sectors – printing inks, paints, and in the foundry sector. The different grades are screened for impurities, then dried to a controlled moisture content, and classified according to particle size.

Inks & Paints

Due to the unique properties of Gilsonite®, it gives paint an excellent bond to almost any material that needs to be protected from the elements. It is a critical high-performance, low-cost paint additive for anticorrosive paints, underbody paints and pipe coatings.


Gilsonite’s naturally superior properties mean high-quality castings with better finish and fewer imperfections.- Three times as much gas generated vs. sea coal for better mold release- High lustrous carbon for better finish- Reductive atmosphere for less reaction between mold and casting for fewer imperfections

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