Grinding Media

YTZ, Alumina & Flint Pebbles

Product Type:



Ceramics, Specialities

Numerous minerals, both hard and soft, must be finely ground before use in ceramic products.


Key Properties:

Exceptional hardness & density, wear resistance, uniform sizing, low end product contamination.

YTZ Zirconia

YTZ Zirconia Grinding Media offers exceptional hardness and density, allowing manufacturers to achieve superior levels of grinding efficiency. The wear resistance, effectively eliminates product contamination, and problems associated with low quality media prone to chemical attack or a short mill life.

English & French Pebbles

English & French Silica Pebbles are versatile products, ideal for grinding bulk materials, such as Silica & Feldspar. They are effective in both wet and dry states, using continuous or intermittent mills. The sphericity, uniform sizing and low wear rates of our French pebbles, contribute to low-end product contamination and the most efficient grinding.

HD Alumina

HD Alumina is an alternative high density media, with increased grinding efficiency and low media wear rates, again resulting in low end product contamination.


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