Mill Lining Blocks


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Ceramics, Specialities

We are a major supplier of mill linings to the mineral processing industry. We supply many types of linings to suit all applications, our technical sales team can guide you to the most suitable one that will meet your requirements.


Key Properties:

Rapid installation, ease of maintenance, low noise level, thinner linings giving larger mill volume, increased production, cost effectiveness.

High Density Alumina Mill Linings

These extremely hard linings are the same specification as high density alumina grinding media, and are used to produce high value products. Linings are tailor-made to fit a particular mill and so is essential that accurate drawings of the internal mill shell are provided in order for these linings to be fabricated with the minimum of waste.

Rubber Mill Linings

The use of rubber mill linings in the mineral processing industry is now widespread. We have been successful in pioneering this development in association with Linatex, who are acknowledged as one of the world’s best abrasion-resistant rubber manufacturers.

Silex Mill Lining Blocks

As with silica pebbles, silex mill lining blocks have been used traditionally to line continuous and intermittent mills, and for grinding bulk minerals. Supplies are available from Europe and Asia. Block thicknesses: 8, 10 or 12cm

Installation Services

We offer a complete service including installation of all types of linings into your mill. This service includes careful stripping of worn out linings and replacement to guaranteed quality standards, whilst employing a first-class installation team:- When re-lining with silex the blocks are carefully selected for size to ensure a precise fit for longer life.- When using Alugrind 90+ the linings are tailor-made to fit a particular mill.- Full safety precautions are taken and only recommended equipment is used. This is carried out in consultation with HSE.- On completion, the mill site is left in a clean and tidy condition.- All work is supervised and checked, and supported by our technical sales department who will be pleased to advise your milling requirements, plant and production efficiency.

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